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A Lingering Spirit

Twelve o’clock sharp high noon, I was sitting on the ladder of our house looking outside, when all of a sudden, I saw a dead relative walking near the neighbor’s fishpond.  She was wearing the same dress at the time […]

I Didn’t Feel In Love With Him Yet, He Clinged To My Mind
Baby Jesus Answered My Prayer
Apples, Rice Milk and Leeks Are My Natural Healers

I was prone to whooping cough caused by allergy. An x-ray showed my lungs were clear; however oftentimes, I had sore throat followed by coughing. Prescribed medicines done nothing, it came back.  My kids were worried because their sleeps were […]

Jesus Waited For Me

Life is full of trials and tribulations.  Feeling helpless, I thought of surrender, surrendering my life to God.  Maybe because of self-pity and no one to turn to, Jesus manifested in my dream to ease my burdens. He was on […]

Is There Another World?