A strong personality will be the governing characteristic in your life.  There will be various changes in your career and extraordinary happenings that will affect your family and surrounding.

You have the strong desire to travel and it is favorable for you especially if you choose to work in a foreign land.   When comes to love life, one romance is unfavorable, you have to entertain more to find the right person for a lifetime.

You are so compassionate, lending your hand to those who needs guidance, you have the ability to understand different personalities because of your sensitive nature.  Spiritual and hidden knowledge appeal you most,  you have the power to foresee the eventuality and read the mind of people around you.

You possess the complete power and characteristic for a person, a leader, follower, charm, foundation, traveler and communication, luck and success, love of God and humanity, spiritual, strength and materials, and wisdom, love, and understanding.

Be understanding to those who are less knowledgeable than you, be diplomatic so as not to hurt others.  Negativity losses your composure and reasoning which lead to your own unhappiness and failure, however, if positivity dominates you, you will rise like a Phoenix and never will experience heartache, joy will prevail for your satisfaction all throughout.

LUCKY JEWEL     –  diamond

COLORS                 –  gold, yellow, golden-brown, green and blue