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Freedom from the past is embracing the NOW with light in your heart and letting your soul explore to where your happiness is.

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You Create Life
Love Has Been Good To Me
Ang Paglubog At Pagsikat Ng Araw

Tunay na biyaya ang iyong matunghayan, ang kapayapaan iyong mararamdaman sa pagtunghay sa malawak at bughaw na kalawakan ng langit at karagatan.

Lifetime Destiny

Your meaningful smilereactivates my numb heartblood circulates all parts of megiving another chance to live.

StarDragon’s Life in Poem

In life, she has an abundant opportunity;She prioritizes and protects the family,She cares, nurtures and loves humanity;And she finds to commit herself easily and fully.

Stop Personal Judgment

Everyone has his own story,has his own identity,has his own signatureand has his own future.