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Happy Panda Our Pet Dog

March 10, 2013 General , ,

DSC00821Three-months-old puppy was due to be sold for the drinkers, fortunately my sister bought her for replacement of our deceased pet collie.  Her whole body is white except her left face which is black and looks like our former collie Sanchai.  I named her Happy, but my son called her Panda for her face is like a panda, so for both satisfaction, I renamed her Happy Panda.

She is now one-year-old, alive and like a muscled lady amazon, very active, runner, and fond of playing using strength.  Happy helps my distressed daughter to be inspired, she is the tonic that activates her.  She is pampered by my daughter and what she wants, she gets.

Happy Panda’s face looks like innocent and when you talk to her, she cannot look at you straight.  She is friendly to the people viewing her if she inside the gate.

She has now a male playmate named Casper, a very cute collie, bought thru internet by one of my daughter.

The two pets make us happy and they released our boredom and tiredness from work.  They too are our guards and living doorbells.