A corporation offering outstanding profits from a small investment  will draw huge and countless participation of people in all walks of life.  People with leadership qualities try out first the scheme and if it works and it shows the materiality of such offer, soon that corporation will be the talk of the town and like a  beehive where a swarm of bees gather, it will be crowded of masses eager to enter.

That corporation sees the impact and soaring income coming in that because of big demand, the management and staffs can not cope up with their services, thus adjustment is decided to the detriment of the registered members.  The unusual cut adjustment which differs from the original marketing rises havoc or confusion among the people.

The people then start the outcry, the queries, the search, the  wait and see attitude that affect adversely the dignity of the company.   It is then, the head the corporation make amend to the people and request the people to give the company time to work out the differences.  This time, the people act  slowly waiting for the retrieval of the original agreement.  The result is slow pay-in from the masses, less income coming in the company.

Big people will automatically heed the clamor of unified small people to ensure and enjoy the success they view.