A serene and serious day for a religious individual and family, no work, just relaxing, meditating, observing the day of Jesus Crucifixion especially at 3:00 pm.  The Catholic devotees usually visit nearby and walking distanced churches even overnight, others joins their respective sect in celebrating this Good Friday in varied ways.  Some psychic healers make or create medicines out of natural plants combined with special ingredients only them know.

Folks believe that this is the day that unseen spiritual and elemental entities are freely lingering natures like lakes, rivers, seas, falls and if ever one or more bathe these areas, there is the opportunity to sync with them bathing that cause unfortunate incident.  Sometimes, roaming around uninhabited places, one may experience strange or extraordinary phenomenon like meeting beautiful ladies or handsome guys inviting to go with them and one may see such palatial kingdom full of beautiful and sparkling things around.  The saying goes, “Don’t eat brown rice offered if one want to go back home,”

One reminder of old folk was, “Avoid using sharp thing after 3:00 in the afternoon this Good Friday because if one was cut by knife or sharp thing, it will not just heal a soon as possible.”

There are countless rare stories experienced by relatives, friends and other people connecting this day.  Believe it or not, it is up to you.  For me, it is just a reminder from unseen spirits that they are existing around us.