When I was just a kid, my aunt left this world strangely because she had no physical ailment.  According to my aunt’s friend, she saw auntie  with a new family, a doctor husband with two kids happily living.  She was toured around but reminded not to eat brown rice offered.  She came back home storytelling her experiences from the other dimension.

Auntie left her earth life with a husband and only son.  The huge lot owned by her husband has a river but the water in that river is sometimes weird, in other word, it is an enchanted place.

Her only son studied in the city and had his own family with one daughter.  He decided to return back to the province leaving his family in the city.  His wife was a mama’s girl, so he returned to the province alone.  While alone in the province, a woman with kids lived with him. He neglected his first family.

One night, he dreamed of his mother, my aunt.  According to him, he was requested to come back to his first family and she would give something of value.  He asked, “What does she mean?”  Our relative answered him, “Maybe gold for you to use for a new life with your family.”  However, he disregarded the message, so until now, he lives an ordinary life.

My cousin had a cyst in his neck.  When he took vacation together with our cousins in the native town of her mother and stayed in our grandmother’s sister who passed away,  her mother visited him and told him he would be operated.  While on dream state, he heard a car arrived and footsteps coming up the stairways to the bedroom where he slept.  He heard the sound of the things needed in the operation and felt the undergoing operation on him in a short moment.  When he woke up, he hold his cyst but it was gone.   He narrated his experienced to his companions and they were amazed.  They related too that they heard the car and the rushing footsteps moving toward the room.

Someone revealed that auntie and her family live in the enchanted mountain surrounded by the sea in front of our native town and can be recognized at night by its bright light just like a city full of sparkling light.