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Love Finds

July 18, 2012 General ,

by Zai

by Zai

Looking with no exact address, just a hint, name of the island province, he escaped classes from a university in the City. Together with his classmate, they boarded the ship going to a far away City. They passed town to town looking and asking for a lady who came from a province, unfortunately nobody could give them ideas or hints. They decided to enter a hacienda, one of the big sugar plantations on the island, far from the town proper. They continued the search. Someone told them where to go. They arrived at the residential area of the hacienda.

Late in the afternoon, my grandma called me telling someone was looking for me. Outside, sitting on the bench under the huge shady tree, I saw him, my suitor and his classmate. I was surprised, I did not give him the address, how come he found me? He elaborated what they did. I was appalled by his gestures, perseverance, confidence and courage.

I welcomed them eagerly, exchanging stories, and after a while they bid goodbye for they had to return to the university that very day because tomorrow will be their examination day.