Infinity by affers (flickr)

Infinity by affers (flickr)

Knowledge begins at home and your mother as the first teacher.  Inside the womb, your mother lovingly caress and touch you through her stomach.  For nine months inside your sanctuary, you acquire knowledge from her by her songs and stories, that’s why when you see the light and start voicing at a tender age, you like singing and dancing which she still is doing while carrying you especially when it is your time to sleep.

At the age from three years, you start your schooling under a teacher as your second mentor until you graduate in college and start a new life in form of working to earn a living.  Some enroll in mastery schools to specialize in their chosen field of learning.

Knowledge or wisdom is boundless as long as you continue searching and reading various materials and today learning from your internet is just a hand away, many more information and facts that seem impossible are now a truth and it is not just within earth plane but millions or billions intelligence are available for know-how outside the earth or around the universes.  You will amaze how bountiful and beautiful our world in and out.

We regard life as physical but it is beyond that for it is more on spiritual side.  Numerous different  entities are surrounding you, protecting, caring and loving you.  You have your guardian angels and spirits guides and your Inner Spirit who know everything about you now and the future.  You and your inner spirit is ONE.  Through silence and meditation, you can connect with your Inner Spirit who is always giving LOVE and  LIGHT you need most for a happy and successful life.

There are the extraterrestrial entities who at present and many times visited our Mother Earth and introduced advanced knowledge or technologies for the people however, such technologies are taken advantage and use by big people for their own profits until now.

Truth in the reality of our origin and most important knowledge are hidden to you, so research for your own and you will discover the truth behind everything in this universe.