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LOVE is the most dominant ENERGY. Whatever you are in love with: body, mind, heart and spirit SYNC, allowing the FULFILLMENT of what you SEEK

Let Love And Light Dominate Your Life

April 5, 2013 General ,

Love within the light by ardinhasaphotography (via  flickr)

Love within the light by ardinhasaphotography (via flickr)

As LOVE is the most powerful energy all over the cosmos, it brings LIGHT to all creations from above down to Mother Earth.  Live your life full of love so that light will reign thru eternity.

Love balances anything in this world, joy prevails, harmony everywhere, sound of laughter reverberates elsewhere and the feeling of lightness ease the physical body and the light in your mind produces happy countenance in you.

Heaven on earth is what the Creator wants for all mankind.  So, let us experience heaven on this earth.