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How To Befriend Your Kids

April 6, 2013 General , ,


1.  Give whatever available things, toys, materials to play, write or use;

2.  Let him/her discover its usage;

3.  Have a babysitter eyes and guides if ever the child does unsafely;

4.   Give a motherly touch if something is in pain for your touch is therapeutic;

5.   In shortcoming, reminder is needed and avoid scolding;

6.  Have an ear to complaint whatsoever and advise what is the best thing to do;

7.  Treat your kids your friend whom he/she could express inner thought or problem;

8.  Be the guardian angel who protects from any untoward situation;

9.  Respect friends and welcome them as your kids;

10.  Give freedom in choice of career;

11.  Be on guard behind always and talk to and ask what could you do to help in time of trouble;

12.  Praise the good deeds;

13.  Support in all need physically, emotionally and spiritually; and

14.  Respect and Love unconditionally.