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Be grateful for the opportunity of meeting someone whom you develop closeness in your first encounter. Your soul might be his mate he is seeking throughout his journey in this lifetime. He could be a best friend you long to have. It randomly happens not planned.

Hidden White Beach

March 10, 2020 story , , , , , ,

They visited the hidden white beach with silvery sparkling sands.
It is narrow and meters away to the next rocky mountains and was accessible
only by his motorboat. It is an hour distant by sea. Before reaching the site,
we passed by the fish pen for tuna.

There, she sat on the shady bed of rocks of the mountain and watched the roaring,
huge and high waves slammed. The sounds were like music to her ears.
The splashing of big waves against the rocks creates overflowing tiny fibers of
crystalline colored sparks as they reflect to the rays of the morning sun