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Beautiful Ladies Unseen At Daylight

April 21, 2013 General , ,

During barrio fiesta in our town, public dance is a tradition.  The organizers invite all ladies and gentlemen to attend.  They use microphone roaming around places to places for the invitation.  It is a season of gathering where neighborhood and distant ladies and gentlemen meet and acquaint each other.  People in the barrio are busy in their daily living that a social assembly just like fiesta in honor of a Virgin Mary or Saint is celebrated every year and it is an opportunity for them to meet others and enjoy dancing with the visitors.

This occasion is eagerly waited especially by a group of bachelors and young men particularly by male students.  At the plaza where the dance is held, you can see many beautiful ladies with very charming and magnetic faces.  Men enjoy dancing with them while exchanging pleasantries with sweet and soft music are played. The night is bright with all the colored lights surround the ball place.  The audience too are happy and enjoying seeing and witnessing the exquisite scenario.

The day after the dance, the male visitors came back to the place to visit the ladies they had acquainted that night.  They asked for their place but no one could tell them.  The head of the barrio told them that the beautiful ladies were just seen only during the occasion.