by psychicreading

by psychicreading

Beautiful ladies unseen at daylight were fairies who joined the public social dance in the barrios.  They were very pretty and had charming and magnetic eyes that all men were attracted to.  Male visitors who participated in the dance had no ideas to their real personality aside from the organizers who were used to the fairies.

In the provinces, folks knew everyone in their locality and they had the know-how who were the strangers.

During my childhood, my mother used to borrow utensils or gowns to the fairies whenever there was in need.  You could not see them but there was a place where you could place your request and get it afterward.  They also ordered  softdrinks with money on top the big stones at the foot of the mountain near the river along the road.  Letters and deliveries of their orders were put at the same place.  They were very generous that time but people abused their generosity.   They stopped lending anymore.

However until now, they are just there and manifest physically to somebody they want to.