College students in our time were fond of adventures specifically going to residences of alluring young ladies living in remote area.  They had to walk along narrow roads and bridges, passed a foot-wide mountain alley beside the deep blue sea to cross toward the neighboring barrio their destination.

One time, two schoolmates decided to visit their friend.  Upon returning to home, along the way, a very charming lady invited the two young students to her house.   They accepted the invitation and they were surprised and amazed to the elegance of the huge house.  They chatted and exchanged tales and because it was already midnight, the lady offered the two to spent their night there.  Of course, the two students took the proposal.  They were led to a cozy room with a spacious soft bed and slept soundly.

Morning came, a man woke up the two students and asked why were they atop a very high huge trunk of tree sleeping.  The students were surprised and replied the man that they slept in a beautiful bed last night.  Oh! The man was not surprised and told the two young students that the place was enchanted and the pretty lady was a fairy.

They hurriedly went home and promised themselves not to go back there anymore.