You have a tender, gentle or moderate personality, broadminded, approachable and sympathetic. You are a good diplomat, your day of birth gifted you that ability. Your broad eye to the natural flow of life make you understand every facet which is the basis wherein you have the power to negotiate even in a troubled situation.

You love nature, changes, travel, and books. These are your happiness. Being mentally strong rather than physically, job intellectually related is suited for you for you are a dreamer and an artist.

In health, if you follow what is needed by your body, you will enjoy long life. And because you are an optimistic one, you are not bothered of the future.

Your birthdate gives you a psychic skill. However, when comes to romance, you have to entertain more, not only one , two, three but more than that to find the real love of your life.

Material needs are easy for you but your joyfulness or contentment are through mystical and spiritual knowledge.

Your name expression, outward and within is so strong in offering you a determined mind. Whatever you plan, you definitely do it in reality proving others what they don’t believe you could build or make or invent.

Your primary aura is brown and secondary is green. Jade, pearl diamonds are your lucky stones.