by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

LOVE of nature as well as humanity,
Even sacrifice to give them GLORY,
Your ardent feeling and complete dedication,
Either produce love or lead to revolution.

At the other side of the coin,
You are a preacher, a dedicated apostle,
A responsible writer, a creative artist,
Generous, just, loyal and idealistic.

In health, very conscious of your diet,
Foods you focus are wholesome and organic,
You enjoy life to the fullest,
But beware over spoiling yourself.

You got the number of LOVE, POWER, and FORTUNE
Yet you need to be strict for your provision
Generosity has its limitation.
In love, control jealousy with determination.

At night, take time to rest,
To recharge tired body from daily activities,
Explore outside, you will notice a colorful moth,
Sipping the nectar of the dainty flowers you like most.

Total darkness gives mystery,
It is a unique background, emphasizing beauty.
It is a moment to delight in solitude,
Refreshing you and regain fortitude.