by Zai Yves

by Zai Yves

Love and social life are awfully important,
Self-expression is also paramount,
Talents and magnetism are yours in abundance,
Individual or group of people are attracted by your charm.

Your sense of humor make you very attractive,
Mentally and physically you are very active,
You are original,  artistic  and creative,
In an organization, you are more productive.

Fun is part of your daily practice,
Jupiter rewards  your effort with great success,
Always a lover of change and freedom,
It makes you a person feeling young.

Your ways are like a water in the river,
It flows continuously until it reach its limit,
You are not that water but a human,
That needs to stop to prevent breakdown.

Reward yourself a vacation from everyday task,
Tour around the river or wander perhaps,
Savor the fresh air,  enjoy the scenery,
And you will regain good health surely.