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Think what make you happy,

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March 20, 2014 Free Readings, General, Poems , ,

Zai Yves

Zai Yves

Moon influences you a romantic imagination,
Rewarded you with exceptional intuition.
You are adaptable to new surrounding and situation,
Strangers are lured by your magnetic attraction.

Your home is adorned with exquisite things,
Fashioning it pleasantly, very entertaining.
In solitary moment, you are always imagining
Beautiful ornament, you can’t resist staring.

You completely sacrifice in favor of humans,
Think of yourself to make it balance,
People are drawn to you when they are in troubles,
With open arms, you give them solutions.

Loving and being in loved is your great happiness,
You must not let that love reigns in relationship
Use cleverness to achieve the real joy you seek,
Sort every angle to assure lifetime bliss.