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You cannot extend that care and love you want to share in the absence of self love and care.

Compassionate Warrior Athena

March 21, 2014 Free Readings, General, Poems ,

by Zai Yves

by Zai Yves

You love music, painting, embellishing arts;
You do nurturing flowers, trees and plants;
Venus enhances your luck in land,
By earning through development of homeland.

When anyone contradict your view,
You fight in defense to the issue;
So obstinate, hard-headed, determined,
Don’t know how to give in till the end.

After the battle of exchanging harsh words,
You mellow and easily forgive and repent
For lack of patience and control
On a least or slight incitement.

You are intensely rational and spontaneous,
When a hint of an idea digest in your thought,
You definitely persistently scrutinize its root,
Only believe after finding the truth.

Your name Allyson is a blessed combination,
Because it reaps fame, power and fortune,
Try to eradicate your fear of failure,
To attract successful and powerful people.