by jill pegasus

by jill pegasus

Hindrance and hardship in your younger days.
Either financially or from security,
Are a blessing in disguise as an adage says,
They train and mold you to tackle responsibility.

You bear the obligation to love and care,
To eye and guide one after the other,
As time goes by your commitment gets heavier,
But it is essential to the development of your character.

The combination of your planet Mars and Jupiter,
Awarded you with success and superiority in your career;
Significant confidence, belief in yourself
And responsibilities on your shoulder.

Your birth date gives you the efficiency and capability,
The power to create enormous money for security,
In a group or organization, you have the authority,
For you are endowed with executive ability.

Your name makes you a sensitive person,
And every detail you pay great attention.
You are a dreamer with a vivid imagination,
A perfectionist and spiritual in nature.