by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

You have an intrinsic understanding and intuition,
Attracted to information regarding research and exploration,
Also to the History of different people and their nation
And likewise the soils and their utilization.

Your ways seem to be ordinary in their looks,
But inwardly, you are rationally resolute,
You think it is a must to know the topic thoroughly,
Before you communicate or inscribe it totally.

You are in general effective in all manner of responsibility,
To a trusted and admired friend you give your loyalty,
If you have an idea you don’t push yourself forcefully
But you are just waiting to be asked if needed be.

You tend to be rather hasty or impatient in action.
Exercise patience, give time to your plan for consideration.
In changes and opportunities, follow your intuition
For it will guide you to the right direction.

In whatever undertaking, you have the originality,
In career there will be great possibility,
You are adventurous, over-optimistic but in delays and difficulty
You are inclined to worry easily.

In financial matters, you would be fortunate;
Your natal day promises you a favorable success;
You have an eminent vitality in health;
In long time, you may involve without any relationship.

Like the monarch butterfly, you enjoy your own company;
Discovering green, fresh and virgin territory;
You are an energetic, determined and a strong-willed lady;
Often sense the crave for your own individuality.