by jill Pegasus

by jill Pegasus

Your life is full of opposition;
People can hardly understand your position;
You have an overflowing kindness in action,
But will never gain the credit to justification.

You will have a very reasonable aspiration,
But will be opposite to the other’s proposition,
Avoid associate or ally for this reason,
And not to be afraid being alone.

In anything you do, you are very passionate,
Be it in materials or in your own happiness,
But your existence is likely be a reverse,
Whatever is in early years, the later half is opposite.

In finance, be cautious in all money transactions;
You will be robbed by your aides in your home;
To be successful, you must handle it by your own;
You are fortunate too in an obsolete vocation.

In health, there is also contradiction;
Either rarely weak or extraordinary strong,
You will likely suffer mysterious affliction,
That even doctors may prescribe wrong medications.

Your birth date makes you to be firm and logical,
Also develops you to be just, fair and practical,
Methods and loyalty are wonderful combination.
That brings you all the material possessions.