by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

You got an auspicious, fortunate and mighty combination
That gives you a never wearing out energy and ambition.
You don’t stop until you realize your intention;
And will be successful if you head the organization.

You are at the same time down-to-earth and upright,
Talented, demonstrative and normally bright.
Intelligence and charms in you are abundant,
And likewise, romance is greatly important.

Your strength is like the old pine so courageous,
Standing delightfully, straight and gorgeous,
Glad you are inborn powerful, caring, and ambitious
In handling great responsibilities which are so enormous.

You are hospitable and a caring Lady
Helping the sick and the needy,
Should you become rich and wealthy,
You will give large sum to the charity.

Your health depends on your attitude in life,
If you are busy and always alive,
You will be well, fit and energetic
But if you are idle, you are likely to be weak.

Your destiny acquires you most precious freedom,
Funny words are gems you enjoy sharing those around,
Prepare always for change and adventure,
For those who less understand you control your humor.