by Zai

by Zai

You are positive and got a unique personality,
Creative, dynamic with originality,
You are gifted with managerial capacity,
And can stand on your own even in difficulty.

You are determined to be successful in your work.
It is the highest ambition you crave for,
And although you may achieve great height,
You will never be pleased and gratified.

You have a substantial organizing capacity,
And may have the position of authority.
Wherever you go, you make friends effortlessly,
As well as lead them swiftly.

Everything concerning air travel interest you
Also information relating to speed delighted you.
You will be a great success as traveler,
May represent new invention in that affair.

Be moderate in sharing money by helping,
It will drain your own reserve by giving.
You fell sick quickly but regain rapidly,
Give your eyes exceptional care with priority.