by Zai

by Zai

You are just, balanced, loyal, responsible,
Unselfish, artistic, creative and dependable.
You cannot just say “NO” for the sake of duty
For attainment of peace, happiness and harmony.

Unwanted burdens, hard to cope you will encounter
Responsibility both from family and community
You will confront them all without fear
Using wisdom, understanding and empathy.

You have a complicated character with the combination
And vibrations of Neptune, Mars and the Moon,
Thus, you are apt into severe deep emotions,
And are extremely attracted to mystical information.

You are sensitive, intuitive and perfectionist,
Dreaming, imagining, and New Age ideas got your interest.
People look at you as a wealthy woman
Although you don’t have that much money in the bank.

You are greatly a lover of music,
Playing instrument is one you also seek.
You direly need travel to change surrounding,
And you are unhappy doing the daily routine thing.