by Zai

by Zai

Venus and Mercury’s vibration
Are a very fortunate combination
Especially in interconnection
With the general population.

She is definitely has keen imagination,
Will succeed in all things related to literary action,
She is a fluent and articulate parson,
And is good too in delivering sermon.

In life, she has an abundant opportunity;
She prioritizes and protects the family,
She cares, nurtures and loves humanity;
And she finds to commit herself easily and fully.

She is charming and attractive to men,
Experiences many unusual love concerns,
Her life is full of various events,
She desires independence, resents any restraint.

Her birth date makes her an ideal mate and friend,
But in negativity, she can be easily influenced,
Her concern and consideration brings her host of friends,
Whom she appreciates and treasures till the end.

Her full name can attain whatever is in her heart,
The vowels in her name, enhances her originality,
The consonants, help her to attain all her desires,
The name and birth date, realize her goal for prophecy.