From friend Ponii

by Zai

by Zai

You are naturally artistic, romantic, highly sensitive
Gentle, silent, stable, imaginative and instinctive.
You like sharing with others, sharing your home,
Sharing ideas and even sharing your emotion.

You likely want to live near lake, river or seashore;
Love traveling by ocean to different nations;
An avid follower of journey’s records;
And greatly interested for people’s information.

Being imaginative is your foremost quality,
That is obviously apparent to your personality,
Your deepest dream of what you fancy;
Will absolutely be yours certainly.

At any moment, you are terribly autocratic,
And subordinates must follow rules and regulation;
At times you are persistent in aspect
That you create adversaries from your expression.

In finance, you sense indefinitely,
So be wary of spending your money.
You look extremely healthy or reversely,
Be meticulous of your diet to attain vitality.

Your birth date makes you a perfect partner,
For you are endowed with the values of cooperation,
You are often agreeable, friendliness you master,
And you impress people with your ready consideration.