by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

An intelligent, strong, powerful and perfect Lady,
No fright to front any man or agony.
In business, you can turn into asset any adversity,
And have the precise idea to make it profitably.

You are a lover of beauty in any variety,
You possess energy and vivacity,
Oftentimes, you feel the sense of individuality,
Seeking and enjoying you own company.

In early years, you have the pitfall
Discovering your accurate vocation,
You try countless things and pause
Until middle age, before you pursue.

Hoarding of wealth in early years is difficult.
It is because, you easily get annoyed and troubled,
But at time you got the concentration and belief,
Your exceptional power brings you to success.

To retain strength and perfect vitality,
Fresh air is always necessary
It is a must to exercise daily,
Staying always indoor is not the way.

Luck, travel, changes and communication
Are the gifts given by the date you are born.
Freedom is your great possession, and
People draws to you by your sexual thought and action.