by Zai

by Zai

In all endeavor, you are daring, hasty and adventurous.
And will be successful in mental endeavor though arduous.
In music and literary works, imagination is used,
And to be triumphant in all your desires apply poise.

You have a strong attraction to bizarre action
That creates antagonistic criticism or abomination.
The day you were born is not also a favorable season
For marriage unless great care is given attention.

Leadership and originality are powers given in your birth date
Like the stone structure standing prideful in his oneness.
You have the creativeness and the strong determination
That any idea springs from you, you turn that to production.

In money matters, you will observe many fluctuations,
You will not be fortunate in any speculation.
You have to invest in stable organization
Or try to put up a business of your own.

In health, you will encounter unusual experiences,
Being liable to be infected from the food you eat,
Given by accident or by your own negligence,
And are likely give trouble as in appendicitis.