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Belittled Ambition

July 20, 2012 General ,

by Zai

by Zai

During vacation days in high school, my sister and I worked extra as saleslady, stayed-in, in the biggest wholesaler grocery store that time. It was owned and managed by the brother-in-law of my stepmother.

We woke up as early as 4:00 a.m., to prepare breakfast for the staff. The store, just a walking distance from where we stayed, was closed every 6:00 p.m. daily. After the dinner, we cleaned the whole house and repacked candies, etc. afterwards. We were washing our clothes using deep well outside the house until one o’clock in the morning.

One vacation time, we were assigned to their store in the capital of the province. My sister and I were talking, planning to study in college. The lady owner heard our conversation. She lamented, insulted, belittled us, commenting with “So high is our ambition!” We kept silent but deep in our heart was the desire to fulfill our goal, to finish college degree.

The brother-in-law of my stepmother died in an ambush in a zigzag, mountainous highway. The management of the store was left to his wife. His wife was healthy, fair and beautiful that many admired her. She was in loved to a man younger than her, whom she supported until such time the business went bankrupt. She inherited nothing from her husband. She returned back to her native town penniless.

Our mayor advised my father to bring us to college. He was our professor in World History in fourth year high school. Due to financial difficulties, I skipped one year to college. I took a two-year course, Diploma in Secretarial Science. Upon graduation, our school recommended me to work at the Treasurer’s Office. Unfortunately, “Martial Law” was declared. A decree was issued to all government employees, to have eligibility; I was one who was terminated.

I decided to pursue Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Accounting. To finance partially my studies, I worked as student assistant in the Registrar’s Office, then promoted to office clerk.

When my father stopped my schooling for one semester, I accompanied my auntie to the hacienda where my uncle was a contractor. He enrolled me in the university for one semester and then went back again to where I originally studied.

We experienced various trials in our goal to graduate in college; nevertheless, we faced them courageously and never let those tribulations to hamper us.

My two sisters and I completed our chosen courses:
Me and my younger sister both graduated in Commerce, major in Accounting and my other sister in Civil Engineering.