by Zai

by Zai

Casper is a cute, lovely and good-looking collie. He was in loved with Happy Panda, an amazona-hunter type dogie.

Being in loved, he gave his foods to Happy, abstain himself and saw to it that Happy ate much. He was happy and contented looking at Happy anytime.

Until Happy got pregnant and gave birth to seven healthy puppies, two female and 5 males. One of the two female puppies is all white while the other has three colors with face a look-alike of her mother like a panda or i called her pirate. Pirate is owned now by Joel, an agent and all white named Ella is owned by a teacher. The three others were bought through internet by moneyed buyers, dog lovers so we are confident everyone is in good hands.

Casper knows how to face camera while his sons busy with little thing to play.