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If ever you fall in LOVE and that love is reciprocated, nurture it, don’t take it for granted, because once you hurt that patient heart and lost its PASSION, you can never revive it.

Jack and Jill

May 1, 2014 General, Poems , ,

by Jill Pegasus

by Jill Pegasus

Jack of Jill is an all-white Arabian Stallion,
his face is the most noticeable,
with beautiful eyes and big nostrils
and very cute standing ears.

His face is so adorable,
his looks unfathomable,
he is fiery but excitable,
and to Jill, he’s so amiable.

Arabian horse is known for ruggedness,
vitality, staying power and toughness;
riding him is therapeutic and healing,
owning him is fortunate and rewarding.