Dedicated to Ponii, LadyB, and to all Ladies in love.

From Ponii:

a quote i have tattooed on my back 🙂

life is not about every breath u take but
about every moment that takes ur breath away ……….

such an awesome way to life it think 🙂 sharin in carin .. lol

You dream, he will come across your life,
at night time, you imagine him he is by your side,
at day time, you see him in everywhere you are,
in your solitude, you feel the warmth of his arms.

One day, you notice a man in a distance,
his gaze trembles your heart,
your stand losses its balance,
your body as if falling apart.

As he walks toward you smiling,
you feel within shivering,
you can’t understand the feeling,
the emotion for you is foreign.

He introduces himself with gladness,
and you welcome it with joyfulness,
that’s the start of instant friendship,
that leads to romantic relationship.

Both of you are madly in love,
give all you have for his pleasure,
do the thing beyond your vision,
to show how deep is your passion.

A glass of delectable red wine is prepared,
for you and your love one to be shared,
pleasant and affectionate music is played,
while erotic and romantic words are whispered.

The red wine activates your spirit,
the sweet melody carries you to dream state,
you gracefully dance to the tune of harmony,
while your love staring you with sensuality.

A family is formed with children,
laughter is the sound you hearken,
the ambiance of the home is heaven,
all you wish for is given.