by Zai

by Zai

He loves you, you love him,
your love with each other is intense,
he is handsome and you are beautiful,
both of you in career are successful.

Your romance heads to marriage,
with vows to live eternity,
feeling obsessed, he confines your beauty,
you stop working to take care of your family.

At work, he enjoys constant promotion,
needing executive secretary to his position,
you devote your time serving him at home,
trusting your husband is faithful.

One day, his acts is odd and strange,
the air of silence is deafening,
he can’t look at you straight,
yet bravely confide, he is leaving.

A state of shock envelopes you,
questioning him why he will go,
he replies, he found another,
he cannot bear of losing her.

In your solitary confinement,
you analyze the happening,
you decide to release him,
although your heart is in pain.

Healing takes time especially of the heart,
but you have to face the fact,
accept its part of life,
close the chapter and ready for another start.