by Zai

by Zai

Garden is one of the nicest place to stroll in any time of the day you need to revitalize from arduous routine tasks. Every garden has variety of plants. In most cases, gardens are well-planned using landscape, gazebo with patio but sometimes by random depending on the site. Gazebo has diverse styles and indoor facilities. Patio in eccentric lay out is made of bricks, big stones and pebbles. Occasionally, swing is tied up under two big trees or built metal set.

Some have trellis supporting vines and other kinds of climbing plants. They are either made of wood or metal bars bind or tied unto each other squarely. Different designs are built to conform with the plan of the garden considering its location or area covered. Trellis adds to the beauty of the garden, the creeping plants are systematically in order. Beside the trellis are fences made of bricks as high as bench in the same or various colors of unique design for a stroller to take a seat when tired of meandering. Sitting on the bricks while relaxing, you can view the entire garden.

There is pond for different species of fish and toad too. Sometimes, water in the pond is muddy and dirty due to confined water supply. Visitors are enjoying viewing the pond looking for fish big or small, colored or not, throwing them something to eat mostly bread. Watching them swim is enjoyable, help you relax by considering how they live and survive in the environment. Around the pond are trees for shades and plants, flowering plants and shrubs in their own kinds.

Its preferable to roam around the garden during summer. Although at summertime, sometimes the sky has white clouds covering the sun flowing slowly as you eye above, thus they help the air cool as well as control the heat of the atmosphere. Romance is stunningly found and develops too in the garden.

Let us revel the exquisite radiance of the garden. It is an inexpensive healer of all times.