by Zai

by Zai

Lostris is FREE now from the pain of physicality;
she is welcomed by eternal LIGHT gracefully;
she is embraced by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and
she is hearing the sweet and soft voices of the Universal Spirit around.

LOSTRIS is a name never be forgotten;
she is treasured and pampered by Presarians and ViQueens;
she makes us the older queens feel younger
with all her kiddie expressions and giggles.

Lostris is fearless in real life and in games;
she continuously enjoy her life even in pain;
no one not familiar to her can notice she has that terminal end
the way she chats and attacks opponents.

Bye Lostris! Bye Nicha!
Your memories inspired us;
We are sure your HAPPINESS is lasting, and
your SPIRIT remains wherever you are in life form
SMILING while your loved ones are smiling and
HAPPY when they are happy too!