You are a master builder, a foundation to rely on by your family and friend, a workaholic, a principled one that what you want, you do and no one can hinder it.  You are systematic, orderly, you get irritated if someone get any of your stuff without your knowledge. You are fond of sweet music, you have the chance to travel abroad.

You are a leader, inventor and creator meaning  you have the original ideas in anything you desire.  What you want you get especially if you focus your attention to it.

You are religious, a perfectionist, and have strong intuition.  You can analyze whatever someone has in mind.

You have a strong charm, people around you are magnetized, thus be wise in befriending to avoid abusing your kindness.

You desire changes, you get easily bored at home and want to enjoy life outside.

Finance – Being very prudent or wise and limiting your trust to others is your protection in financial matters.  You are likely to inherit money or property than make it yourself.  People will take from you instead of giving.

Health – You are your own healer or doctor.

Compatibility:  You have no problem with your husband as you share ideas and talents.  You have good marital combination couple with understanding, respect, and you are friendly to each other.

Sometimes, you will encounter difficulties with your relationship, home life and relatives by marriage.  Your friends will be extra ordinary.

Your husband has the determination to succeed in whatever he ventures.  He has strong body constitution, the only weakness is his nervousness due to overwork.

To be fortunate, you have to wear clothing in blue of any shades or gray, gold, yellow and violet.   To be fortunate in business, color red is recommended.