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Which Road

July 14, 2012 General ,

by Zai

by Zai

Alone standing between two roads, I am assessing which way I’ll be going.  Prioritizing the right side road,  will take me a long journey to my destination.  Its corner is near me yet its end to the crossroad that locates my route
is far.  I prefer going left.

While walking, I see a narrow, straight, shady and dimly pathway; a short cut maybe to where I should go. Viewing the path, I sense uneasiness and unsecured feelings.

I decide to continue going straight to my preferred left side road. Upon reaching, I turn right.  I see  vast and greener vegetation plantation of cabbage. Along the road is a small house   I am amazed  the way the house is built.  It is small but beautifully planned and the only one existing in that area.

Time passes by, but never I feel tired walking the long straight road till I reach the crossroad. There I see HIM, my
Mentor, my Guardian and my Best Friend.