In the absence of any tools like the science of numerology, astrology or palmistry, compatibility can be uncovered thru the strength of energy of attraction or charm toward a person.

1. Your heart beats faster upon seeing him/her;

2. His/her image occupies your imagination whatever you do or wherever you go;

3. Attraction is not only through physical attributes but to his/her inner qualities that shine above his/her outward personality;

4. You always long for his/her presence;

5. Dreaming of beautiful future for both of you;

6. His/her smile lightens up your spirit as if you are surrounded by the dancing rainbow of light,

7. You feel at ease and secured of his/her company;

8. You have similar likes and dislikes; or

9. You love him/her regardless of physical appearance.

Even in your solitude, you sense as if you have a company and it lifts your passion, you are glad and excited of whatever you do and more motivated of creating beautiful things to be shared with the soul you love most.