My son brought me to a reiki master in an intention to alleviate the symptoms of aging, such as high blood, cough and vertigo.  Beforehand, my two daughters tried me a distant reiki healing through the internet, however, I could not do the instruction of not thinking of anything.

I had the idea of what is reiki healing  because of my interest in reading different kinds of books related to it.  On the day of my schedule to meet the master, we arrived very early.  We waited outside the clinic standing, for there was no bench to sit on.  I was bored and tired standing but because of my son’s concern to my health, I waited patiently.  Came 11:00 am, a text to come in was received by my son.  At last, we entered the clinic and were instructed to get inside an air-conditioned room.   A young lady gave me a patient record to fill-up, she then interviewed me and asked me what was my intention of seeking her service.   Honestly, I told her what I desired, and that was to feel as if I were young so that I could do whatever I wanted to do without any hesitation or fear something may happen while I was out of home.  After the interview, I was instructed to lie down the bed, she then placed earphones on my ears.   I heard her instructions, first to relax, not to think of anything else, closed my eyes and just concentrate on my breathing and if I was sleepy, I could sleep.  She had to open my seven chakra for balancing.

The first chakra is the BASE chakra, situated at the base of the spine.  It is the area of survival and stability.  It is associated by the color of RED.  It grounds spirit forces in the body and gain ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.  She told me to imagine the color red.  Red signifies vitality, courage, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

The second chakra is SACRAL, located little above the base of the spine.  Its organ are  ovaries or testes.  It is the utilization of creative forces into all aspect of being, high soul procreation and direct self toward devotion.  It is associated by the color of ORANGE.  She instructed me too to imagine the color orange   Color orange develops self-respect, freedom to ourself, it brings joy to our workday, strengthens our appetite for life, the best emotional stimulant for it makes us sociable, creative, joyous and independent.

The third chakra is SOLAR PLEXUS, which covers the liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas and small intestines.  It helps the assimilation of experience, digestion, positive use of personal power and manifests goals. It is associated by the color of YELLOW.  She too told me to imagine the color yellow.  Color yellow aids in healing diabetes, gives self-worth, clarity of thought and connect to mental self.

The fourth chakra is HEART CHAKRA, located at heart or breast. It  releases emotional suppressed trauma, soul and heart consciousness and expressing love in action. It is associated by color GREEN. She told me to imagine the color green.   Color green resonates with love, balance, self-control and feeling of renewal.   (Turquoise – a gemstone that strengthen  the immune system, helps heal allergies and cancer of the breast.)

The fifth chakra is THROAT CHAKRA, covers the throat, lungs and thyroid glands, has the ability to verbalize and expressing truth through power of the spoken words.  It is associated by the color of BLUE.   Blue governs knowledge, health and decisiveness.  Blue is mentally relaxing color.  (Turquoise – helpful also for throat).

The sixth chakra is the BROW CHAKRA or THIRD EYE CHAKRA, found in the center of the forehead.  It covers the eyes, lower head and sinuses.  It clears subconscious to channel intuition.  Its color is INDIGO.  The master told me to imagine color indigo.  Color Indigo aids intuition, mysticism, understanding and self-responsibility.

The seventh chakra is the CROWN CHAKRA, found at the top of the forehead and its organ is the head.  It goes with personal identification with infinite, oneness with GOD, peace and wisdom.  It is associated with the color of VIOLET/PURPLE.  She told me to imagine this color.  Violet or purple purifies our thoughts and feelings, giving us inspiration in all undertaking, enhances artistic talents and creativity.

While I was listening through the earphones, I felt my hair raised as she placed her palms up my whole body.   She then counted slowly  from one to ten saying something as I moved my feet and fingers and sat down at the last count of ten.  That was the closing of my chakras.   I felt renewed and relax after the session.  It was a great experienced, not thinking of anything or anyone else but just hearing my heartbeat.