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Let Him know your needs


March 22, 2015 General , ,

by risingupthe ladder.com

by risingupthe ladder.com

Each of us has a corresponding twinflame since the creation of our soul. Both are very fortunate if in this timelime, you and your twinflame meet and being together living as partner in physicality.

Love between you are eternal, infinite or long lasting. Since love binds both of you, life here on earth is full of harmony, reciprocation, patience, compassion, kindness, joy, laughter and light. Children are so lucky to have parent who are of twinflame.

Trust and respect are dominant in this relationship. Caring with each other is absolute, avoiding either one partner to suffer any pain emotionally, physically and spiritually. LOVE is the center in their life. LOVE is GOD, our SOURCE, the everything, the ALL THAT IS!