yourlife isawes...

yourlife isawes…

Everyone of us has a Spiritual Team. We have the Twinflame, the Guardian Angels, the Spirit Guides and we can call or ask any of the Company of heaven or Archangel to accompany or assist us in everyway.

They are always beside you waiting for your permission for them to help. you are never alone, no one is alone in this lifetime. Your twinflame, who could be your best friend is within you. She knows what is best, just ask her. In a situation where you are down, feeling that no one care for you, they are sad too, if you are happy and full of laughter, they laugh together with you.

Now, if you are sick, ask them to heal you, they have their healing lights to surround or blanket you and with your earnest faith to them, you are healed.

They are the gift given by Father/Mother Source for every human creation. That is how we are most love by our Creator.