Mj, you take everything from a firm, logical, and lasting foundation.  You have the idea of details successfully, perseverance and will earn just rewards, prefer to stay in one place if adjusted to it, will always working patiently.

You have a mind of your own and your creativity will always make you forever young.  Laziness is your serious hindrance to success. 

You possess the power of insight and understanding and have an analytical mind.  You want to be a perfectionist, but always be in a positive side working to your goals to avoid failures.

You are a strong-willed, powerful and determined, and obstinate person.  Success will be reached provided you keep your head down.  Impulsiveness and being too frank create enemies by want or tactfulness.

Your greatest happiness comes from work and overcoming obstacles.  Happiness at home will be meet if they give in to your plan and wishes.  You have to control your emotion when comes to love and romance.

Give yourself time for your health especially concerning blood which affects different internal organs.  Wear always blouses of green color, accessories of red, violet or purple, blue and yellow to enhance your aura for protection.