by Zai

by Zai

We are blessed to connect with people emanating a healthy influence to our being regardless of race and color, people who become our friend through modern way of communication like facebook, twitter, skype, cellphone and other advanced telecommunications.

Through their shared knowledge, taken photography of their corresponding places, animals, plants, flowers and fauna, we got the images of the various scenic views pristine or developed man-made, as if we reach those places too, likewise we acquired knowledge of each cultures and traditions and also their languages, thanks to the universal English language with which we could communicate and understand.

Sharing greetings of goodwill, care, compassion, kindness, light and especially love even though of different degree, enhance our skills in expressing ones self.

And with these healthy influences, personality development is taken cared of too and the most significant in this friendly cyber relationship is we are adjusted to become a caring and loving person.