Joan is suffering of out of her mind that has been a big problem to her family especially of course to her mother.  She had been sent to different places for her medication and due to financial needs, her mother was compelled to mortgage their cocal land.  My compassionate sister-in-law brought Joan’s situation to elflora.

For cleansing of negative energies, elflora advised Joan’s mother to perform burning of incense every Tuesday and Friday, pray three Our Father, one Hail Holy Queen and one Apostles Creed before saying the following mantra:  3x ESTO BERTOM, MOTO BERTOM – for enchanted spirits; 7x SADA HADNA, EGUME-UME EGOSOM – negative spirits or elementals.

To have knowledge of personal life of Joan, her birthday was sent to me; thus, confirming her state at present as well as the findings of the doctor – nervous breakdown….

HEALTH – It is purely a question of the effort of “mind over matter”.  If she is successful and happy, she will be preventing  the attack of diseases, if not she will be a victim of all forms of illness due to nervousness.  She is highly strung and restless.  She is liable to suffer from overstrung nerves, together with spasmodic attacks of hay-fever, inflammation of bronchial tubes and asthma.

ROMANCE – She has many unusual love affairs.

Fresh water poured over her head while bathing helps her relax.  She was advised to wear blue dress also for relaxation.

At present, she can visit their neighbors but with the company of her sister.  Sometimes, she went alone near the falls in their place.