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Be grateful for the opportunity of meeting someone whom you develop closeness in your first encounter. Your soul might be his mate he is seeking throughout his journey in this lifetime. He could be a best friend you long to have. It randomly happens not planned.

Spiritual Reminder

April 7, 2015 General ,

spiritual reminder

Every time my psyche decides to control what my heart dictates, a reminder from higher realm instantly emerges through an article. While reading it, I laugh aloud for it strikes me to the inner core of my being. The result is I have to follow what my inner self intuits and JUST DO IT in a mild manner.

From 3D perception my actuation is surrendering my self-imposed pride but I have to transmute that ego to ease my emotion of guilt and lighten my spirit. It is for my peace as GOD loves me, I have to love other too. This is the energy of the NOW moment – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for all. Namaste!