Nelson is paralyzed a year now.  He is compared to a baby who cannot stand, sit and eat alone without the assistance of his wife.  His birthday, February 10, is text to me to find out  what life is in store for him.

He is oversensitive, easily hurt and wounded by others.  He will feel lonely in life, and will make his own way at an early years of his life.

HEALTH – He has abundance of mental energy but physically weak that makes him easily ill.  His digestive system will be inclined to get easily out of order.  He will suffer through nerves and the upper part of the stomach and gall bladder.  a poor circulation of the blood, anemia, pains in the head and back, weak heart, disorder of the bladder and kidneys.  He is prone to leg’s accident, on feet and ankles or breaking of bones in old ages.

He should eat lightly but often and get more sleep than the average person.  He has to wear red clothing to enhance his aura.  Quantum touch healing all over the body is good for him.  He needs love, compassion and empathy.   The will to survive is a magic thought to gather strength and vitality and of course he has to ask help from his guardian angels and spirits guides who are just waiting for his request.