From the Book – When God Pinched My Toe by Dr. Kathryn E. May

“Here is an exercise you can do every day:
Sit quietly, feeling the alignment of your chakras, from the crown, through the third eye,
the throat, the heart, the solar plexis, the sexual life force, and the base. Open the
crown to allow yourself to feel the Light of Spirit to shine down through the top of your
head, along the Light channel which is the home of your soul, your inner strength, and
your connection to other dimensions and simultaneously to your anchor in the heart of
Mother Gaia. Feel the tingling energy as it flows through you, enlivening your cells and
bringing a feeling of
health and competence through your whole body.
“Now concentrate on the solar plexis, your inner engine where you can focus and direct
your intention to create. Feel it rev up with excitement and anticipation. This is Manifest
Central, the place from – which you will co – create with Mother/Father God. Concentrate
on expanding your Light quotient, feeling the Light channel which beams down through
your body expand and grow until it fills your body completely. You are preparing
yourself to take your place as
a Child of God, Co – creator of Light and Love.

“That is today’s lesson; the more you practice it, the more powerful you will become.
“Namaste, St. Germain