From the Book – When God Pinched My Toe by Dr. Kathryn E. May

“Today we’re going to add an exercise in loving yourself, which you can post on your
web site
for all to share. You all hear about love, love love. Be loving, be Love, feel love,
accept love, and give love. But for many, they are words that have only a small range of
meanings. Love for a baby, love for a lover, and on a day when you are looking
particularly beautiful, love for your poor maligned self, as long as your hair remains
immaculately in place. The Love of which we speak goes far beyond any of those
“It is now the year of learning Self – love. 2013 is a time of transition from the rapt
attention on the outside, material world to a new inner exploration with the purpose of
finding inner peace and a Love which transcends anything you have ever felt before.
Open your hearts, Dear Ones, and be ready to embrace a new experience of life
“Begin with breathing. Look how your beautiful chest moves in and out, absorbing the

bringing it from out there to in here, where your lungs can take into your tissues the
tiny oxygen molecules. It is like a magic trick, performed by your body eve
ry second that
you live. Your skin can do it too, pulling the molecules of oxygen from out there in the
air, absorbing them, literally pulling them in so that your bloodstream can carry the
oxygen throughout your body to nourish every single cell. Ponder t
his, the divine activity
of life which we created for you. It is invisible to your eyes, but you can know it in the
deepest part of your consciousness.
“Your scientists accept the truth of it, even though they do not truly understand the
complex interactions of hormone production, electrochemical reactions, absorption of
minerals and vitamins, and the process of cell division which allows you to grow from a
few cells to an adult human being. It is ironic, is it not, that they really do accept on faith
that there is a process by which every sentient being grows into the form they are
intended to become, but they know absolutely nothing about how life begins. And some
of you still doubt our existence!
“If we are the kind of Creators who would design a system which would care for and
nourish every single cell in your body, every single moment you live, do you think we
would forget you

the soul we created so long ago

the one who was destined to join
forces with this body, for the very purpose of living a
n entire lifetime in that body, here
on Gaia? No, Dear Ones, we are not just Creators. We are also Protectors, Mentors
and Lovers. We admire your willingness to adventure here to learn what the experience

we know how difficult it is, and we support
you in exactly the way you ask us to.
We do not interfere with your lessons, because you asked us not to before you came
here. We honor that, but to protect you we also send our angels to watch over you, and
we arranged that your Higher Soul is always the
re to remind you of your original plan,
and to remain constantly in contact with Us, in case you forget.

“So you see, we covered all the bases, as you might say. The part of this arrangement
which is outside of our job description is your awareness

consciousness. It is your choice, your act of will which creates and maintains the open
channel of communication with Us once you are there in body, behind the Veil of
Forgetfulness which you helped us design. You too are Creators, in every sense of the
word. You create the world you live in, day by day, moment by moment, just as you
absorb the oxygen which Gaia and her Kingdoms create for you. You see, there is
nothing forgotten, nothing left out. The system is designed to work perfectly, with
caveat: You must help us Create the Heaven on Earth you wish for. It is not within our
power to simply do it for you, because that would be violating our most precious vow to
you, that above all, you will be beings of free will.
“And so it is. As you
awaken to notice your chest rising and falling, allow the joyful
realization: “I am alive!” “I am unique,” and “I am loved.” Now, in that quiet place inside
the small chamber of your heart where the spark of Universal Consciousness abides,
embrace that spark as you embrace the wholeness that is You

body, soul, Higher
Soul, God Consciousness and the fire of All That Is which resides inside you.
“You are powerful, and you are whole. It is now your work to take possession of that
truth, aligning with the forces of Light which surround and embrace you. You have
asked us to provide all this for you, and so it has been given. It is only for you now to
turn your faces to the Light, breathe in the manna from Heaven which you have longed
for, and walk your path, wherever it leads you, as the expression of Light you were
created to be.

“This is our prayer for you, our Dear Ones. Look around you. Where you are at this
moment is the beginning of your Path. Your next step will create the tone, the
atmosphere and the consciousness level you will find yourself in. Fling caution to the
winds and let your hearts sing, and you will hear the echoes all around you. The trees,
the Earth, the angels and all the other Beings will feel your song and will join in your joy,
and your Light will be celebrated throughout the heavens. This is your Path. This is your
We love you beyond words,
Your Mother/Father God”
Via Kathryn May, February 9, 2013, 11 pm